Friday, April 20, 2007


There is this media company, some say it is the largest in India, with primary interests in publishing. Lets call it Company Y.

On the rolls of this company is a Director (with ostensibly a fat packet) who's chief occupation in the past one and half years has been to play solitaire while at work. Highly placed sources say that he so brazen that when the high and mighty (higher and mightier?) walk by he doesn't even bother shutting the screen.

Bah! I need to get me one of those jobs...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Of Cabins, Middle aged perverts and Hookah Bars...

There is this company in India's BPO city Gurgaon which has had some interesting going on's this past week. The company is known to be associated with a largish media group. Let's call them Company X.

There are 23 conference rooms in Company X (not bad eh!) However, there is this one specific conference room which is not available these days.


There is this certain head of content who was denied, what he thought was a legitimate claim to have a glass walled cabin. So he books this conference room everyday of the week and moves in lock, stock and barrel , is it bag, laptop and girlfriend (oops, the girlfriend left him some months ago)

Talk about being a climber.

Rumour has it that there is a lady being "allegedly" harassed by a certain (or pervert). Rumour, further has it, that the gent hired the said lady in the first place.

Seems quite ho-hum so far.

But get this, the lady is said to be quite aware of the gent's intentions when he bumped into her and went nuts over her (when she wasn't in his employ) at a certain multi-company off-site a couple of years ago.

So who's to blame?

Finally, to close today's post...

This last Friday, the head of legal team was missing in action. he along with two dainty lasses decided to call an early day and take off to a hookah bar, while there was a business unit fuming over contracts pending...

So he was playing hooky with the hookah... hee hee

Is that being on the gravy train or what.

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